Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Diversion

Yeah, like I need another one! Well, this one actually helps me. We (my architecture one) held a sketch-off one recent weekend. All 50 of us were given snazzy new sketchbooks on that Friday and told to submit one drawing (or whatever) of any subject/medium by Tuesday by 11. Well, the weekend came and went as life with little ones (read as 2 daughters under 3 years old) tends to do. The evenings are no better as I am so wound out and can barely make it through and episode of the Wire or somesuch.

So I get up on the morning of to get ready for work at the time I am supposed to get up (which is a rarity these days), and I decide I need to have something to submit. Afterall, I got this new sketchbook and it's the least I can do to be a team player. No time to tune my pens (the rapidographs that I love but are infintely fussy and a pain in the rumpus if you don't use them daily and just let them sit and dry out), so I grab a quasi-trusty old mechanical pencil (disposable kind)...the one that suffered a wash in the laundry and has the busted tip that I salvaged from another broken mechanical pencil.

An hour later, I deem I would be arriving at work the time I usually do (9:30) so I stop, unfinished and acceptably satistfied...not really to my personal standards, but worthy of a show of submission (like I kinda tried).

Well, as you have already figued out, my drawing won [danceskipwhee] Apparantly hands-down and I was given a 4g iPod nano (red) for my troubles! How cool is that? This is our first iPod, btw, and I have to admit that I love this iPod culture! [grooooooove]

They already had the back laser-engraved:

Quattrocchi Kwok
We make stuff up

I was told during judging to talk about my peice so all I pretty much uttered was "(mumblemumblemumble)...confluent behaviours from disparate objects in effluency". After the general laughs I titled my bit Confluency. Truthfully, this is how I draw subject/process-wise. It's what I know, or rather, "it is what it is".


At April 09, 2007 12:33 AM, Blogger Varchesis said...


That's very cool. That's a great quickie piece, too. Way to go!

At April 09, 2007 9:21 AM, Blogger Oblio70 said...


btw, the judging was done by a client (a school superintendant) and a contractor (the builder kind) with no criteria...just their own tastes.


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