Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stop Clock! STOP!

Well, I had to take some of my own advice, good advice it was. In a previous post I suggested not putting the proverbial clock in front of ones face whilst stripping paint, or else suffer misery and damaged wood. What with our move-in/out date fast approaching (end of this year), I found myself chanting the ill-helpful mantra "I'm not gonna make it. I'm not gonna make it....". Toss in a couple of adorable girls and sexy/fabulous wife I cannot tear myself away from and a heaping helping of Christmas, and I found that the stripping spirit had vacated the premises. So had my sleep. My stress had reached insomniatic proportions. Delerium was a friend with whom I would confide in.

So then we will have to move in later...again. This is the fourth time we have had to postpone our domestic transfer (aka- move).

This past weekend I began ripping up the foul carpet, and it was foul indeed. Below the carpet padding was a wood strip floor atop the original floorboards. I confess to not knowing the state of the original floor yet. The top layer lay witness to a much older carpeting, one that appears to have spent much of its life in wetness. The abandoned staples made this confession to me, as well as bold complaints of some previous pet.

I will say this clearly: Carpets are nasty things that hide filthy secrets from their occupants.

Evict them, I say. In my next post I will include pictures of these indescretions. This had brought us to the conclusion that it would be best in terms of time/money to remove this top layer of flooring and either see if what's beneath is salvagable or lay down a new floor. This is instead of sanding and refinishing the floor in several coats. Not really being something we anticipated, there is much about laying down a new floor I do not yet know. Time for another crash course.


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