Monday, October 02, 2006

zzzzzz>snrt<.. huh, whaa.. Oh, Hello

Holy Cow, is sleep a precious commodity with a newborn & a toddler in tow. It's been a spot of time since our last entry, and I must confess, that I really have little to update you with, Houseblog-wise. So as of last week, the House is ours! Keys in our hot little hands, yet Reality reckons, here.

- snap out as-built plans and schematics for our renovation
- get our snazzy plans out, submitted and approved
- get the "ole girl" hoisted into the air (built by shipwright carpenters, right?)
- demo the old foundation/lay the new foundation
- build the lower floor's new walls
- reseat the house and hookups
- strip ALL the wood panelling and trim of their pink (probably lead-impregnated) paint
- scrub all the walls and ceilings of their tobbacco-stink and rip out the malodorous carpet
- move-in (magically) over the weekend after December 1st

- took preliminary measurements for as-builts, but have yet to input it
- schematics? uh, sure, we have some ideas about here somewhere......
- we will have to get Appropriateness Approvals before we can submit to the city, and they meet once a month...and what we intend to do teeters on the line of appropriateness/inappropiateness.
- lifting of the house PRIOR to moving-in is a financial fantasy. Why? because getting to the actual stage of lifting the house, actually, is far more time-intensive than our dream-bound brains could comprehend, and paying a mortgage AND rent for more than 2 months ... far from priceless. We will have to do this part while we are living here

Furthermore, the fact is that raising little-ones who cannot yet wave a hammer for you require you to also not be waggling a hammer about either. And as it should be, these are precious and magical days with our girls, full of wonder. We instead are planning to HIRE someone to strip for us (the paint, people...). Someone who can get it done far more quickly than we, so that any dust and fumes will begone by move-in day (noxious chemicals and kids shouldn't mix). This way, we will be moved-in by November, and the rest of the house-projects take a more leisurely pace.


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