Friday, August 04, 2006

Have I forgotten you, Gentle Reader?

No, I have not, though I have bitten my proverbial tongue to a rather raw stump as of late. Yes, I have a post that's been brewing and unfortunately, it will have to wait. Let me just say that R & I are still looking and have another bid in place. The aforementioned house (see here) seems to have wafted away. Perhaps the owner is waiting for that active leak (read as 'domestic spring') in the basement to wash the house away, hoping to collect on the insurance. Well, actually, they are holding out for their listed "there's no problem with the foundation, and we rather like the outhousey bathroom" price. Well, good luck to her, I say, followed by "next!"

One house we were considering was loctated o-so-close to the downtown library, water front, ferry terminal and main street...2-blocks actually from each. The price was steep, it had a buttressed foundation (aka- faux foundation), it was tiny in size but it was so, how do I say,...cute (cringe). Regard!

It is owned by the listing agent who prettied it up and staged it nicely. Days after our viewing, we noticed all the windows were sweating from the inside. When I say 'all the windows', I mean even the windows on the built-in buffet doors. It seems the plumbing burst and flooded the interior, with the relative humidity going through the roof, as they say. Looking in the front window, we could see the nice wood flooring with a high gloss finish that only comes from a large pool of water sitting on top. It was the end of the weekend, and I dreaded to think how long it had been left like that. We called and left a message with the realtor and then drove away. Well, any consideration we might have given it was a moot point because there was already an accepted offer in processing. Besides, it had a 15' wide public sewage easement in the back yard. Lovely. 'Next!"


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