Monday, November 20, 2006

a Spoonful of Sugar...

I have an idea toward resolving the damage from HackFest that occurred in our Living-Dining room. What I need is to motivate others to do this time consuming work for me. My role is to be really patient and not varnish the wood for a while (which I wasn't planning on doing yet anyways)...Oh, and have lots of dollar bills on hand. What you see here is a mere prototype, but the essence is there. I shall leave a candybowl out and invite guests to play “match the missing piece”. I imagine sitting in the living room, engaged in some in-depth conversation with a friend as they absently fondle the chair rail, for instance, when their fingers glance upon a chunky hole. The topic abates momentarily, as they exclaim having seen a similar piece in the bowl. After fishing it out and confirming the fit, they shout “Jenga!” or some-such, and promptly glue the chip in. I would guess that what you see here would amount to $1000 that one could potentially earn easily enough. Not shown is another bowl’s worth containing the Dining Room Collection. Also, the chips will also be pre-stripped, unlike what you see here. So, anyone wanna play?


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