Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hi, Honey, We're Home!

Hurrah! We finally made it. As of Sunday, we have moved into our first home. Do-mesticated! We have been living in and out of boxes so-to-speak as we (un)pack our material possestions these past few weeks and for weeks to yet come. This means spreading butter on the muffin with a spoon 'cuz we haven't found the knives yet, and walking through the house with such an exaggerated hipsway as we navigate around the piles of boxes and "unprocessed" furniture. Efficient movers, we are not. It's more like uprooting a knarled old tree... by hand. All those dangley parts We have yet to deal with the flotsam of oddments left behind and gather them all up and clean our last abode. Moving is such a curse to artist-types, artists fond of collecting strange and marvelous bits (like camera parts, lenses, armatures, etc.), bits that have never been truely organized and put together, along with the plethora of paints, clays, woods, tools.....

I sometimes fantasize about being a simply amused un-complicated person with none of the collecting propensities I have (this is where I sigh). Well, anyways, we are moved in and that makes us happy. Our girls (5 mo & 2 ½ yo) are happy and Kaela likes the 'slippery' new floor. The cats...well, there's more exploring to do before their verdict is out. It seems one of the neighbors' cats is amused by taunting our cats (whom are indoor only) and that can only spell trouble.


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