Monday, November 29, 2010

Return of the Living Dead

It's been ALMOST 2 years (well, minus one day) since my last posting here. I hope to get a few more entries off in the few remaining days in our first home. I gather that that line resonnates something fierce with many fellow housebloggers, what with the zeitgeists haunting about since the "Burst", as it's been called. The tale I have to tell is rife with many timely testimonials of the worldwide news threads, and perhaps there is something to gleen from this personal angle. So, I invite you to take my hand as I walk you through our story, of First-Time Home Ownership, vintage restoration and modern suitability, parenthood, being hunted, survival and yet falling prey to the 'system'. Consider this as a manuscript for our first publication (in the era of 'blogs, does this really carry as much gravity anylonger?). Stay tuned for our first-of-many installments, sure to keep your interest rivetted, without giving anything away yet.